About Ednovate

Ednovate was created with a deep understanding of the pain points faced by CA and commerce students. Our innovative approach ensures that students not only learn but also understand concepts quickly. At Ednovate, we believe in fostering a sense of belongingness among students and staff, driven by our genuine commitment to solving educational challenges. Our highly dedicated and passionate team of professors follows a 100% result-oriented approach, enabling students to excel. To support the well-being of our students, we provide in-house counselling and mentorship services to ensure they can study without undue stress.


To create an environment where education meets innovation leads to wisdom and nation building.

To build a brand and a platform for students whereby unique innovative methodologies and fun learning techniques shall be at the core of teaching which help students to study effectively and eventually help in achieving their goals and shaping their future.

Our dynamic and highly qualified professors have been coaching students to their best scores at various levels of CA exams, over the years. This experience not only helps our students to clear their exams with flying colours but also enables a holistic development which prepares them to become an excellent professional in the real world.


To set revolutionary New Standards To set revolutionary New Standards To set revolutionary New Standards

To Mentor and hand hold student throughout the Journey of CA

To focus on Conceptual Clarity

To focus on Achieving highest passing percentage and All India Ranks

To have Friendly, Motivating and Safe Environment for students

To develop confident, Highly Professional and grounded students To develop confident

Core Value

Ednovate is an Emotion which percolates to Everyone who gets In touch

To work with Passionate & Dedicated souls

To have Gender Balance and Diversified Team

To have Respect and Empathy for souls around you

To ensure Growth of each Individual in the organisation


Best-in-Class Faculty:

Ednovate takes pride in its exceptional team of experienced Chartered Accountants and industry professionals. Their expertise and guidance will provide you with invaluable insights and help you grasp complex concepts with ease.

Concentrated Focus on Conceptual Clarity:

The Ednovate methodology emphasizes building a strong foundation by ensuring students understand concepts at a deeper level, paving the way for long-term success in their CA career.

Exhaustive Course Material

At Ednovate, you'll receive in-depth study material that covers every aspect of the CA syllabus. This ensures you're well-prepared for the exams and ready to tackle any question thrown at you.

Rigorous Writing Practice:

Writing practice is a key element of Ednovate's teaching approach, helping students develop strong analytical and communication skills, essential for excelling in the CA exams. essential for excelling in the CA exams


Ednovate's dedicated mentors not only teach but also focus on understanding each student's needs, providing personalized guidance to help them overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

24x7 Support and Extra Miles:

Ednovate's commitment to student success goes beyond the classroom. With round-the-clock support, students can access assistance and resources whenever they need it, ensuring they're never left behind