EdnoFest is a flagship event that aims to help students rejuvenate after extended periods of studying. It's a time to unwind, rejuvenate, and engage in cultural activities. EdnoFest creates a nurturing environment that allows students to explore their interests and develop important life skills. EdnoFest embodies the spirit of Ednovate - a commitment to academic excellence and overall growth and development of students. It strikes a balance between academic and non-academic activities, offering students a chance to unwind and recharge.


Edno Rass is more than just an annual event during Navratri – it's a moment of respite that students eagerly anticipate throughout the year. Edno Rass celebrates the spirit of Navratri while promoting holistic learning. It's a time to escape the rigors of academic life and immerse oneself in cultural festivities.But above all, Edno Rass is a celebration of community, where students come together to support, encourage, and uplift each other. Be part of Ednovate and be part of this heartwarming occasion and experience the perfect blend of academic enrichment and emotional connection.


At Ednovate, we prioritize student well-being through the power of physical activity. Our runs, such as the "Run for Reforms" and "Run for Peace," inspire positive change and foster unity among our students. By promoting fitness, teamwork, and social responsibility, we empower them to create a better future. These runs not only improve physical health but also develop vital life skills like resilience and collaboration. Our commitment to these events is rooted in nurturing holistic growth and character building. Together, we can run towards a brighter tomorrow, where students embrace active lifestyles and make a lasting impact.


Student life is not just about academics, it's about living it.

Ednovate believes in providing a complete educational experience to our students. Our events, such as drawing competitions, cricket matches, and picnics, go beyond academics to create memorable and meaningful moments. We understand that learning is not just about grades but also about building friendships and developing life skills. Our events provide a platform for students to express themselves, learn from one another, and build a sense of community. We are dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing environment where our students can thrive both academically and personally. Join us on the path towards a diverse educational experience and personal growth.